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Stephen Kalinich
Stephen Kalinich
Stephen Kalinich
Stephen Kalinich
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Stephen Kalinich

Because of Al Gomes and A. Michelle of Big Noise's marketing efforts, Beach Boys lyricist Stephen Kalinich's tribute CD 'California Feeling' was placed on the Official Ballot for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy.

The CD was produced by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd, and executive produced by Carol Schofield for MsMusic Records. The Recording Academy placed Stephen Kalinich and Friends in the following categories : Record of the Year for Stacy Keach and Sarah Al-Mulla ('The Magic Hand'), Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for Rachel & The Reindeerz ('Child of Winter' which includes the first-ever appearance on the Grammy ballot by Brian Wilson's grandchildren Lola & Luci Bonfiglio, and Leo, Beau, Jesse & Willem Knutson), and Best Pop Vocal Album for the entire CD.

Stephen Kalinich Music at iTunes Buy the CD now at iTunes

Stephen Kalinich Music at iTunesThe video for 'Child of Winter' with David Marks

Al Gomes and A. Michelle are also developing an all-new recording with Stephen Kalinich.

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Stephen John Kalinich is a poet of grace and peace. He has enjoyed a rare association with Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and The Beach Boys. His work with the group made its debut on their 'Friends' album in 1968 ('Little Bird' and 'Be Still'). Those songs marked the beginning of friendships, and a spiritual linkage and embodiment with The Beach Boys and their associates that endures to this day.

'California Feeling', a new compilation dedicated to Kalinich's career-spanning prose, has been released on the MsMusic Records label. For ardent Beach Boys fans, the collection brings together many familiar names: The Honeys, David Marks, Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Carl B. Wilson, Alan Boyd, Brian Wilson band member / Wondermint Probyn Gregory and Adam Marsland's Chaos Band. Kalinich's lyrics on the CD are full of inspiration and love.

Here is an overview of Stephen's work
with the group members of The Beach Boys:

The Beach Boys - 'Friends' (1968)
'Be Still' (Dennis Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
'Little Bird' (Dennis Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)

Stephen John Kalinich -
'A World of Peace Must Come Must Come'

(1969 - released in 2008)
Poetry album with musical backing
and co-production by Brian Wilson

Dennis Wilson - 'Pacific Ocean Blue' (1977)
'Rainbows' (Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)

'California Feeling' (Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
Demo recorded by Brian Wilson (1974)
Master #1 and #2 (1977)
Co-produced by Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston

The Beach Boys - 'Ultimate Christmas' (1998)
'Child of Winter' (Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
Recorded in 1974

The Beach Boys -
'Hawthorne, CA : Birthplace Of A Musical Legacy'
'A Time To Live In Dreams' (Dennis Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
Recorded November 1968

The Beach Boys - 'Classics Selected by Brian Wilson' (2002)
'California Feelin' (Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
Recorded in 2002 by Brian Wilson with some alternate lyrics

Brian Wilson 'Gettin' In Over My Head' (2004)
'You've Touched Me' (Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)
'A Friend Like You' - Brian Wilson duet with Paul McCartney
(Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)

Dennis Wilson - 'Pacific Ocean Blue / Bambu : Legacy Edition' (2008)
'Love Remember Me'
(Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson and Stephen Kalinich)

Al Jardine - 'A Postcard From California' (2010)
'California Feelin' (Brian Wilson and Stephen Kalinich)

Discography courtesy of David M. Beard. All Rights Reserved.

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