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Testimonials by Big Noise artists

Christina Aguilera
"Thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did on my website. It is gorgeous! I am so excited! Thank you so much for the great work you put into it, and everything else you've done. I really appreciate it. So talented at what you do. You two are the greatest. I'm so psyched! I love having you as part of my team and a part of my life!"

"Al Gomes - I would not have made this album if it wasn't for you. It is such a pleasure to not only work with you as a friend and associate, but to be working with someone so honest, dedicated, driven and passionate. Thank you for all that you have done for me - from every little favor to every bite of honesty. You are truly the best and I thank you."

Angelica Arejola: "Wow! My CD cover is beautifully mindblowing! I absolutely love it. Thanks again for the wonder work."

Ray Tierney: "Thank you for the opportunities and the support. We really appreciate you being around. This goes beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you Al and A. Michelle for making it all happen and making it all possible for us. Thanks for everything to the both of you."

Comic Book Super Heroes
Javi: "We hooked up with so many people because of you. We can't thank you enough."
Dave Regoli: "Our website is just great. I can't get over how wonderful it looks. I just want to thank you for all of the many great things that you have done for us. It is really appreciated by all of us. Thanks again."

Sam Crawford
"I want to thank you both for all you do on my behalf. My life would be so different at this point if you hadn't taken the time to listen to the first 4-song cassette I sent to you, and hear something in it that no one else heard. My thanks go out to you, and I know in my heart that the coming year will be even more exciting than last year, as hard to believe as that is."

Jenn Cuneta
"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and unbelievable perseverance in helping people like me make our dreams come true. I wanted you to know I truly appreciate it, am very greatful for it, and that you make a 'difference' in my life. We're all in this together and your efforts make such a huge impact on every aspect of my career. All my love and all my best!"

J. Patrick Decker
"This whole experience has been so cool. You guys are the promo team of the century."

Dreaming May
John Arimond: "Super job. Thanks again. You made a lot of dreams come true."

Mark Jachimczuk: "You both have done an amazing job. I really cannot thank you enough for everything. Bless you both."
Adam Balawender: "Thanks for everything you do. You continue to open up the windows to the world for us."

Fifty Cent Dinosaur
Gary Cioe: "The best time I've ever had making music. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart."

Billy Gilman
"My website looks awesome. Thank you for all that you're doing!! Best to you."

Randy Noonan: "Excellent, excellent work."

Cecile Clement Grobe
"Thank you for all you do. I am fortunate to have you in my life. You guys are responsible for the pure joy that I feel! My website is a 'creative gift' that blows my mind. You are two loving, caring friends that I will always cherish. You are real gifts in my life and I am so grateful. Your encouragement has given me the courage to pursue my goals! I am grateful to have found someone who is so warm and feeling as you. What a gift in this difficult world. Thank you, thank you!"

Steve Kurtz
Manager, Christina Aguilera: "You did an amazing job with Christina's Official Website! You have always proved to me to be creative, responsive, thorough and efficient. Thanks again for a great job!"

Little Anthony & The Imperials
Clarence Collins: "In 40 years of being performers in the music business, we have never worked with someone as meticulous in detail as Big Noise. Their creativity, genius artistry, and loyalty has been a welcome addition to our organization. When they say they're going to do something, they get it done - ten-fold!"

Mateo Luka & the Sound
Mathew Luke Tucci: "You provided me the most exciting year in my musical career. I am eternally grateful. It is rare in this business to find two people that work with both indie artists and superstars - it is even rarer to find such a diversity in their focus."

Andrew McCarthy
"Great work. The CD you produced for my film sounds great. Just beautiful. It takes you deep deep into Ireland. The CD is so emotional. Well done - brilliant! You're both very enthusiastic - very upbeat. It was a great experience working with you."

Lynn McKenna
"Congratulations to Al and A. Michelle and all the artists. The work is always rich with all kinds of human joy and energy. You have achieved incredible levels of inspiration. And it's so much fun to watch Big Noise creating this universe. Amazingly elegant and loaded with coolness! Your work is blessed. Al and A. Michelle let musicians concentrate on what we're supposed to be doing - making music!"

Mill City Rockers (MCR)
John Florio: "There is no one that is more committed than Big Noise. The constant exchange of ideas between us...that to me as an artist is what this is all about."

Eric Graham: "The experience of working with you definately has us now more prepared for the future. You got us on the Grammy Awards ballot, gave us AWESOME CD artwork, and got us on the radio. Thank you both for everything you've done for us. We couldn't be happier!"

Chris Gillis: "This has been such a great opportunity for us. We'll always appreciate all the help Big Noise has given us through the years."

Patti Rothberg
"An absolutely MAGNIFICENT job! My website looks better than ever! You are the best. You've outdone yourself (you're always outdoing yourself). Such a beautiful job, you make me cry. Thanks for always taking care of everything so promptly anddelicately! But thanks most of all for always for looking out for me. I love love love what you've done. You truly ROCK! Thanks again for all your hard and excellent work. Thanks eternally for all your help!"

Satellite Elvis
Paul Hadfield and Arthur Hurd: "We just want to thank you for all your hard work and for everything you've done - getting our name in the paper again and again and getting our song on the radio. A thousand thank you's to you."

Tiffani Thiessen
"So beautiful and so great. Thanks so so much again."

Valhalla Taxi
Steve McBrian: "The CDs look great. Big Noise has done everything they said they would do. In ten years of doing this, Big Noise's live show was the best showcase we've ever been involved in. And the most fun! Thank you for all your help with everything. Hats off to you."

Ron C. Walters
"I'm so excited about the opportunity to work with Big Noise. Truly, you are all making a 'big noise' about me and I just wanted to take time out to thank you for all of your hard work at making my album stand out to be chosen for consideration for the Grammys. My hat's off to you, Al and Michelle, for making things available for independent artists to be seen by the major players in the business. You and your company have proved you make things happen and I thank you so much. I won't ever forget what you have done for me and my wife's dream. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with you and your staff on whatever project you desire. Just let me know and I'm there."

Young Neal & the Vipers
Neal Vitullo: "Great job as always. Thank you again for all that you do for me."

Mike D'Amante: "Everything came out the way Big Noise always does it - pro and great!"

Jonee Angel: "Your work surpasses all expectations. It rocks. Worth all the time and energy. Awesome."

Kevin Hagerty: "A lot of people really dig the way we sound on record. Al and A. Michelle did a really great job. The sequence of our songs flows amazingly well."

Catherine Fellows: "Our CD came out beautiful. I am very, very pleased and I thank you for your diligence and hard work. It was worth everything. It's wonderful."
Marci Chevian-Hooper: "This goes beyond my wildest expectations. Major-league psyched. I can't wait to work with you again. Big Noise is really honing its craft. You guys are geniuses."

Bad Band
Jerry Balchunas: "The entire band is very happy and very pleased. Very exciting stuff is happening for all of us because of you. Thank you for a great job!"

Buz Bergmark
"I'm really, really impressed. The mastering is dynamite. The artwork for my CD knocked me out."

Joe Bochar
"Amazing, amazing job! Great website! It looks great. I'm digging it. Thank you again for everything."

"Everyone loves my CD. It's awesome. I'm very, very pleased with it. I am eternally grateful."

Cold Zipper
Jimmy Warren: "Amazing project. Classy events. Great job. Great package. Excellence all around."

Deep Delicious
Nick Helgesen: "I didn't realize the huge scope of this. Outstanding! Our CD sounds excellent. Awesome. Really great."

Chad Steiner: "We're extremely happy with all your work. Everyone loves what you've done for us. Selling CDs like crazy. Great work."

Double Helix
Noreen Inglesi: "Our CD sounds wonderful. It came out beautiful. It shows a lot of hard work on your part. Our fans love it."

Drawn & Quartered
John and Matt Calestino: "You made our day. It's so pro. Everyone loves it. If you weren't doing this, I don't think we would ever have had the opportunities we've had."

D.D. Mancini: "Everyone who's heard or seen our CD loves it. The artwork is stunning."

Larry Grabb: "Everything you've done should help us out in many, many ways. Thanks for getting our name out there."

Drayfus Grayson
"I'm really proud to be a part of this. One of the best sounding and best looking packages I've ever seen. What a gift you give to all your artists. Great as always. Just beautiful."

Joker's Poem
Todd B. Maxfield: "Our CDs sound and look fantastic! Really cool stuff. Very exciting. They're selling like hotcakes. Thanks for everything!"

Carl L.
"Great job all around. What a blast!"

Suzanne Lord
Liberty DeVitto: "I love the CD you did for Suzanne - nice work."
Suzanne Lord: "It was wonderful. I had the most fun. Everyone just flipped over the CD and the artwork. I'm so overwhelmed. You are both the best."

Lunch Meat Circus
Mario Carreiro: "Great packaging. Great promo work. Excellent job."

Pat Cook: "People are absolutely loving our CD! People are reacting really amazingly from all over - New York, New Jersey, New England. I could see how putting this all together would be a challenge for you both, but you pulled it off beautifully. The tracks on the CD work together real, real well. And the live shows you put together were just phenomenal!"

Mystik Funk
Scott Robinson: "I love the mixes on my CD. And I love the artwork. It's a great CD and I'm very psyched. I appreciate all the help."

Roger Barlow: "The live show you put together for everyone blew me away. The Nob website looks excellent!"

Randy Reed: "Very cool work. Excellent job on our disc and everything else you've done for the band."

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