David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
David Marks Music Catalog
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David Marks

David Marks of The Beach Boys enlisted Al Gomes and A. Michelle of Big Noise to oversee part of the publicity and promotion for David's career-spanning collection, 'The Lost Years.' Because of Big Noise's strategic efforts, David's CD was placed by The Recording Academy on its Official Ballot for the 51st Annual Grammy Awards for Song Of Year ('I'm So Clever') and Best Pop Male Vocal Performance ('Big Wave').

David Marks began playing music with his neighbors, the Wilson brothers, in 1958 when he was 10 years old, eventually developing their own unique hybrid of surf instrumentals and Chuck Berry influenced rock & roll. When Brian Wilson began using that electric rock & roll foundation to support his intricate vocal harmonies, an exciting new sound was created along with the birth of The Beach Boys.

In spring 1962, Capitol Records signed the group and acquired a demo recording of The Beach Boys' 'Surfin' Safari' and '409,' performed by Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and David, which upon release became a massive national hit.

Over the course of the next two years, The Beach Boys would evolve into America's top rock act as well as experiencing a steadily growing international fame. In only 18 months, they recorded an astonishing four classic studio albums that included some of rock music's most beloved anthems such as 'Surfin' Safari,' 'Surfin' USA,' 'Catch a Wave,' 'Surfer Girl,' 'In My Room,' '409,' 'Shut Down,' 'Little Deuce Coupe,' and 'Be True to You School,' while also touring the entire United States from Hawaii to New York. And it was during these first years that the enduring image of five smiling Pendleton clad guys, carrying a surfboard on a California beach, was forever ingrained as the iconic image of American music - defining the band in the public's eye for decades to come.

David Marks was part of all of that. And then, in late 1963 at 15 years of age, he walked away from The Beach Boys at the very height of their initial wave of success. While his time in the band may have been short, he participated in the most crucial period of The Beach Boys' career. He was there as the band rose from a local curiosity to the top of the Billboard charts. He was there when The Beach Boys created their trademark sound, one that still resonates to this day. He played on many of The Beach Boys' most popular songs that are still heard daily on radio, and in television and movies. The impact his Fender Stratocaster guitar had on the style of The Beach Boys and generations of future guitarists is undeniable.

David went on to record solo material for A&M, Warner Brothers, Imperial and Dot Records all before he was 21 years old. Two of his post Beach Boys bands, David Marks and the Marksmen, and The Moon, enjoy significant cult followings today and are especially popular among the 1960s era collectors and music aficionados. David later studied jazz and classical composition and guitar at some of the finest music schools in Boston and had a successful career as a respected Los Angeles-based studio musician, while never trading on his notoriety as an ex-Beach Boy.

In addition to his fundamental role in some of The Beach Boys' biggest hits, David Marks has studied, played and recorded with some of the greatest musical talents of this generation in all genres of music from surf, to jazz, blues, rock & roll, even classical, and stands among the best of them. In spite of this impressive resume, David's desire to remain out of the spotlight as an anonymous, working guitarist relegated him into obscurity for the better part of 35 years.

With the release of The Lost Beach Boy (Virgin Books), David Marks, for the first time ever, tells the complete story of The Beach Boys' genesis, from his childhood living across the street from the Wilsons, through their initial rise to fame. And now it seems, The Lost Beach Boy is anything but lost.

At the request of the Wilson family in 2005, David Marks was included on the State of California Historical Landmark placed in the old neighborhood where their houses once stood. David was joined by fellow Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Al Jardine for the dedication ceremony and performed with Dennis Wilson's grandson, Matt, and 'Uncle' Billy Hinsche. This statue, which features the same iconic image shot on the beach in 1962 of the Pendelton clad boys, literally and forever cemented David's place in the history of The Beach Boys.

In 2012, David, along with fellow original members of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston, embarked on a World Tour to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. The Celebration began with a performance at the Grammy Awards and continued throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia before wrapping up with two nights in London at Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena. Along the way the band played to sold-out crowds around the globe including venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, NYC's Beacon Theater, the Chicago Theater, the spectacular Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and Berlin's O2 Arena - to name just a few, along with singing the National Anthem at opening day of the LA Dodger's 50th Season, performing at the elite New Orleans Jazzfest and in front of 80,000 people at Bonnarroo, TV appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, QVC, Charlie Rose, the BBC's Jools Holland Show and on the wildly successful Japanese show, SMAP.

The massive success of the tour was only further compounded by the release of the band's first studio album of original music in over 2 decades, 'That's Why God Made the Radio,' which debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts and ranks as The Beach Boys' highest debuting release to date.

The Boys were also recently presented with triple platinum awards for 3 million sales of their 2003 'Sounds of Summer' Greatest Hits compilation at the opening of the new Beach Boys' exhibit at the Grammy Museum, proving the Beach Boys' catalog, both new and classic, remains firmly planted in the hearts of fans spanning all ages and nationalities.

On the heels of this monumental tour, David Marks released a CD titled 'The Circle Continues,' which includes 12 originals co-written with longtime Beach Boys lyricist, Stephen Kalinich. This long-awaited album was followed up with the release of 'Making up For Lost Time,' a multi-disc collection which will include David's catalog to date.

'Marks is one of the last true rock and roll heroes whose story somehow went untold...until now.'
- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

'Of all the various Beach Boys stories, THIS is the one that should be a movie.'
- Alan Boyd : Grammy-nominated Beach Boys Director/Producer

'Marks' story, both with and apart from the Wilson/Love clan is an incredible tale...itís everything a rock book should be.'
- Howie Edelson : Launch Radio Networks

'The Lost Beach Boy shatters the mythology surrounding (David Marks) role in the band. Ultimately, The Lost Beach Boy restores Marks' rightful place in the Beach Boys saga and in the process offers a wealth of fascinating insight into the group's formative years.'
- Ken Sharp : FMQB Retro-Active

'...fascinating, touching, often humorous and at times, heartbreaking. If you think you already know what the real story of the Beach Boys was all about, you are mistaken. Read this book!'
- Billy Hinsche : Brian Wilson band / Beach Boys band

'Easily one of the most enjoyable reads on the history of neighbors that would become the Beach Boys. Jon Stebbins' authorship guides David Marks' story through time like an old movie. Nostalgia at its best.'
- David Beard : Endless Summer Quarterly

'David Marks has become one of my favorites through his special guest appearances with the Legends of Surf Music and the Surf City All-Stars. After reading 'The Lost Beach Boy,' I found the book as fascinating and rewarding as Davidís current performances with us. The book has increased my belief that David is a true Surf Music Legend.'
- David Logeman : Legends of Surf Music, Surf City All-Stars

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