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'I will never forget what you all have done for Viola. I think of you and Connie often.'
- Deloris Grant, Viola Davis' sister and social media manager on Viola winning her Grammy Award / January 14, 2024

'Can I tell you what a blessing it was to have you come into my life at this particular moment. I'm so grateful to you! We're just getting started. You know what this means - the Grammy nominations - it means an artist continues to have another gig. I know this was a professional thing between us, but I could feel it went to another place. I could feel the emotional part of it for you...and that you really cared.'
- Three-time Grammy Award Nominee John Daversa /
December 4, 2023

'Al and Connie - thanks so much for the work you and your team have done for me. You helped me see that I am truly passionate about making music, and how much it means to those around me. This year filled me with confidence and determination. I still can't believe I was on the Grammy Ballot next to Paul McCartney! Thank you for trusting and believing in me so fully. I appreciate the wisdom and advice you've given me with regard to the music business, and life in general. Can't wait to do more great work together in the future.'
- Nate Jones / October 11, 2023

'I wanted to thank you so much again Al and Connie from the bottom of my heart for taking on this project. I know that I had the best team on this! I have loved working with you. You not only work with your knowledge and expertise, but what I love the most is that you work with your hearts! That is so special and I am lucky to have you both in my life and please reserve EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PROJECTS in the future...to be on your schedule! All the best wishes and thank you. Nothing would make me happier than to work with you again!'
- Deborah Silver / July 20, 2023

'You guys have that touch. You're awesome. My perspective on life has changed since I met you. I can't wait to work with you...again and again. This is so what I needed.'
- Makeda Tene' / November 8, 2022

'I give thanks...many many thanks to the man who made it possible for me to be on the Grammy Awards Official Ballot - Al Gomes.'
- Brenda Bennett, Prince / Vanity 6 / October 18, 2022

'I'm more grateful to you than you'll ever know. You made my year!'
- Mykeljon Winckel, Groovexpress / August 4, 2021

'Thank you - this all wouldn't have happened without you. I just want you to know that this has completely changed my life.'
- Carolyn Marie / April 30, 2021

'Special thanks to Al Gomes and Connie Watrous for all they have done for Meera (and us) to figure out her way in this world of music.'
- Gowri Anandarajah, manager for Meera Mennillo /
March 15, 2021

'Oh my goodness. This is what I hoped for. Amazing!'
- Stevie Jewel / October 11, 2020

'This is so exciting. I'm so grateful.'
- Craig Donaldson / September 10, 2020

'Thank you. You continue to keep my music alive.'
- Mike Smiarowski / August 17, 2020

'We're belessed you guys do what you do.'
- Drew Loeser, DeVoll / July 18, 2019

'Just incredible. I really appreciate everything that you do for me.'
- Will Larsen / April 20, 2019

'The band is very excited about you representing them. What a great experience this is for them. You've been doing such a terrific job. We spread the word about you and your great work every chance we get. Thanks so much!'
- Tony Corso, manager for Suite Clarity / February 1, 2019

'I haven't been this happy and excited in a very long time, and it makes me even more motivated to do and be better! Thank you Al and the rest of the Big Noise team for working so hard behind the scenes! Thank you for assisting me to another step in my career, and hopefully more to come. Thanks again.'
- Macyface / November 16, 2018

'I like to work with people that I trust and feel comfortable with, and you both fit those attributes to a T! I appreciate everything that you have done for me and I look forward to working with you in the future. I truly value your input and candid conversations.'
- Nicki Kris / October 15, 2018

'The greatest thing about working with Al Gomes and his team is that we trust them implicitly - their judgment, advice and in their ability to make things happen! It's truly been a rewarding and fulfilling experience working with the Big Noise team over the years. Can't thank them enough!'
- Tom Habich, Exploding Sun / August 18, 2018

'I am so grateful that I'm able to work with you and be a part of this family. I'm just very thankful for you two.'
- JR Tycoon / August 1, 2018

'A huge and sincere thank you. It is really truly a blessing that you are helping me and words can't express my gratitude.'
- Jan Bugaiski / June 30, 2017

'Al and company, we wouldn't be here without you and all of your help. I am proud to say that we're a part of the Big Noise family. So from the bottom of my heart - Thank You!'
- George Domiano, songwriter / May 4, 2017

'We're gaining some great attention thanks to you!'
- David Johnson, The Claxtons / March 20, 2016

'We cannot thank you enough for your efforts. You successfully got the word out concerning UndercoveR Jazz, our EP, and we walked away with a Grammy Contender status. An amazing achievement that we certainly could not have done without your guidance and efforts. It's something that we can carry for the duration of our individual and collective musical careers.'
- Scott Marvill, UndercoveR Jazz / November 1, 2015

'Thanks so much for an amazing year!'
- Chaz Robinson / October 24, 2015

'Al Gomes and team - you have helped make my Dreams Come True! A thousand thank you's for a magical journey. Thank You for your brilliance!'
- B.GRANT / July 31, 2015

'Thanks for the great positive energy. It is so refreshing to work with you and your team!'
- Jo Cuseo / March 10, 2015

'You guys are delivering on a superior level. We truly appreciate it. We're pumped up and excited and we're fired up!'
- Josh Pollock, manager for Dru / December 1, 2014

'Thank you so much for all your help Al! Without you, I would be an historical footnote.'
- Phil Greene, producer, engineer and mixer - career recordings have resulted in over 70 million in record sales /
October 20, 2014

'Thanks for all you are doing on our behalf. We appreciate your professionalism and dedication.'
- Neal Gupton, Blistur / July 8, 2014

'I really can't express how much gratitude and how in debt I am to you guys for everything that you have done for my music.'
- Derek Carvalho / March 24, 2014

'Hey Al - we just want to say thank you for all you've done for us and the excellent work you guys do. We truly are humbled and appreciative of you guys and what you have accomplished for us. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your team. Thank you so much!'
- Scott and Marquette Frazier, Tha Shadoz / November 1, 2013

'Thank you both. This is all very exciting. I really appreciate everything you've done so far!'
- Katie Scullin / October 24, 2013

'Well done - thanks again!'
- Tom Wopat / October 18, 2013

'Thanks Al for working hard for me. You guys are awesome!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!'
- Afton Prater / October 12, 2013

'This is so exciting, and truly a wonderful learning experience too!'
- Jessica Lewis / September 8, 2013

'Thanks for all the hard work promoting 'Smile' on to victory!'
- Mark Linett, Beach Boys producer on the band winning
their first-ever Grammy Award / July 14, 2013

'Thanks so much for everything - the encouragement, the support, the friendship over the years. Truly means a lot.'
- Alan Boyd, Beach Boys producer on the band winning
their first-ever Grammy Award / July 12, 2013

'God bless you for your talent and I thank God I found you and have you in my life!!'
- Jenn Cuneta / June 30, 2013

'Thank you both so much for all that you do. You make this possible life-dream come true! Very inspirational.'
- Steve Ryan / June 8, 2013

'Al : Thank you for creating the beautiful CD cover for 'Live - Latin Moods.' You captured all of the images that I was thinking of. Amazing artwork - this is class. Great team! I just thought I would tell you - thanks from the bottom of my heart!'
- Mike Smiarowski / March 30, 2013

'Let me start by saying how much your efforts to elevate my Grammy status means to me. You actually created one of the most important events in my career. I am proud to have come as far as we did - thanks to my friend Al Gomes. I thank you passionately for even taking notice in the first place.'
- Dick Wagner, songwriter / guitarist for Alice Cooper,
Lou Reed, Kiss and Aerosmith / January 7, 2013

'Big thanks to Big Noise!'
- Billy Hinsche, touring member of The Beach Boys for 25 years /
August 15, 2012

'Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do.'
- Chris Mathews, manager for Don Mathews / May 7, 2012

'Thank you for your dedication and professional service in all you do!'
- Dan Festog, producer - Silent Wing Audio / February 15, 2012

'I would love to continue working with you. It has been nothing but a great and amazing experience.'
- Griff / December 8, 2011

'You've done a marvelous job!'
- BingBoy / November 8, 2011

'Everybody loves the album cover. You guys did a great job. Thanks a bunch.'
- Dan Kaspar / September 26, 2011

'Thank you both for the work, support, and guidance you gave me to this point.'
- Tom Hanson / August 21, 2011

'We have no doubt that yourself and Big Noise have been working just as tirelessly as we have and we believe that our partnership can help our band achieve the goals we've set out for ourselves. All in all myself and the guys would just like to say thank you for everything that you and your company is doing for us. We are honored to be working with you guys.'
- David Chew, Night Must Fall / July 29, 2011

'You see how much you care about the people you work for, and how hard you both work. This is impressive!'
- Cliff Wagner, Flat Dark Earth / June 3, 2011

'I appreciate the time you are giving to Lora. I know she is in great hands. Thank you again for taking the time and interest in my daughter's dream. I want you to know that I greatly appreciate all your efforts and advice.'
- Ed Pascarella, manager for Lora Pascarella / March 17, 2011

'Thank you for your kindness and believing in me. I am looking forward to a long relationship.'
- PonyPak / November 16, 2010

'I can say with no hesitation that my career would not be going to the level it is going without your help. I knew this as soon as we got started. My fan base has continued to grow so much more since your staff reviewed my sites. I really appreciate it and I am very excited in regards to our future.'
- Young Dread / October 5, 2010

'I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate you sending me top-notch talent for the show. It really raises the bar!'
- David Kemler, host of New Music Tampa Bay / October 4, 2010

'Out of everyone I ever worked with in all these years, Big Noise has provided me the biggest accolades of my career. Cannot thank you enough for the hard work and success and being validated by the industry. Always an honor!'
- Lora Pascarella / September 21, 2010

'You have accomplished so much for us in such a small amount of time!'
- Veronica Fairhurst, manager for Mako / August 27, 2010

'You've helped me get further and further to achieving goals and it is not forgotten!'
- Noel Vinson, V.I.T.A.L. Emcee / August 25, 2010

'You are in such a pivotal role for the band, and they feel so very fortunate to have you on their side working for them.'
- Chris Gilbreath, World Beneath World / June 22, 2010

'The Grammy nod has been worth its weight in gold. I really value our relationship with you and all that you do for us.'
- Michael Clogher, Godspeed3 / April 28, 2010

'I really appreciate all that you have been doing. It seems to always be something very exciting that you bring to the table. Thanks again.'
- JD Clarke / March 21, 2010

'I want to thank you so much for everything you did for me. I really appreciate it. It was really great! All the best to you.'
- Grammy Award Nominee Freddy Cole / March 3, 2010

'You are going to be a huge asset and we are so thankful we have met.'
- Cephas Entertainment for Katharine McPhee / January 4, 2010

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