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Testimonials by artists who appeared on our award-winning Big Noise compilations and appeared at our acclaimed Song Slam live showcases

Pat and Sarah
Pat Tallarico: "This is wonderful. The CD sounds excellent. Everyone on it just blows us away. We really love it. We couldn't have done everything without Al and A. Michelle."

Peace Tribe
Joe Young: "The web page looks absolutely amazing. The Song Slam is the most fun we've had playing live in a long time. You deserve a huge thank you."
Bob Mercieri, manager: "On behalf of the band, I would like to thank you and everyone else involved in this project for having done such a wonderful job with the entire production, especially the Song Slams. It was really nice to see so many bands come together the way they did. There were so many good artists. It was difficult to decide who moves on and who doesn't. We were fortunate. You both run the most pro outfit. Once again, our thanks go out to you, and everyone else who took part in this production."

Pitch Black
Joanie Cayleff, manager: "It kicks ass. Outstanding. The acts are superb. And the covers are gorgeous. I usually don't expect a rock 'n' roll album to be so elegant, but it's just beautiful."

Poetic Rage
Pablo Wige: "I just love the artwork. It sells the CD. And the CD is pretty amazing. Great bands."

John Pollard
"I consider this the highlight of my career. The CD is great."

Marie Cora: "Our tracks sound amazing. We're in great company."

Raggedy Aneurysm
Barry Hocking, Jr.: "The web site looks great. Thanks for the great work."
Thomas G. Kasulis, manager: "Terrific job! Exceptionally cool! Thanks again for the great work. We appreciate everything."

Rock Gods from Chicopee
David LeClair: "I just called to thank you so much. I love our web page. Thank you for everything and for taking care of us at the Song Slam and making sure that us and the other bands were comfortable. Thank you for getting our name in the paper...and everything!"

Robert Anderson, manager: "The band got exposure everywhere and got to play in front of some pretty influential people. Thank you for everything."

Johnny Roulette
"This is the best investment I've ever made."

Phil DeMarco: "Great diversity of bands. Performing at the Slam was great!"

Slow Drive with Arna
Arna Zucker: "A great musical and community effort. All the artists are just amazing."

Kevin P. Campbell: "Superb. Great job. The mastering, the song sequencing, and the graphics are magnificent. Thanks for all your good work. Bravo."

George Dussault: "Nice work. I'm so happy to be a part of this."

Ted Can Swim
James Duffy: "It came out great. I love the art. Our fans all think it sounds great."

Marianne Thomas
"Great party! The CD is just beautiful. The sound of it is stunning."

Paul Jeffrey Thomas
"The response to the CD has been great. People are diggin' it. The order of my songs is masterful. I'm very proud to be part of this. It sounds and looks great. You can tell how much hard work went into it. Great job."

Stephen H. Quimby: "The CDs, the festival, the promotion - 150 percent effort all the way."

Paul Gasparola, manager: "Everything is top-shelf. Thank you for your good work."

Johnny Vibrato & the Razorbacks
Brad Parliman: "Totally impressed. The CD is awesome and the artwork is incredible. I don't know what you did to make our track sound like this, but it's amazing! The quality of all the tracks is awe-inspiring."

Christine Walen
"I love every track on the CD. It all fit together so well. So artfully done. It came out so good. I just love it. When are you going to do it all again?"

Michael Ward
"I love the work you've done on the web page. I'm very pleased to be a part of this all. I had a blast at the Song Slam. It's very exciting."

Jade Warner
"All of our fans are blown away. The entire set is phenomenal. It sounds amazing! The artwork is stunning. I listen to all of the discs everyday. Al and A. Michelle work so hard for all of us...and they always do a great job."

Dean Mueller: "Really nice job on the web site. We can't thank you enough."

Zero Degrees Kelvin
Stephanie Earp: "Everyone has nothing but good things to say about Big Noise. The bands are awesome! Great CD. The web page looks amazing! Great job."

Cryin' Licks
Mike Hallal: "We've never sounded better. Power people in the business are saying, 'Excellent...you're in good company...radio ready.'"

Dan Davidson
"A masterpiece. I'm floored. Each CD is a separate amazing album."

Ethoriah, Exxplorer, The Gift
Thomas G. Kasulis, manager: "A triumph, the graphics are wonderful. 'Digital Mystery Tour' delivers! And Exxplorer's label Massacre saw the new CD cover you designed for the band and tripled the pressing of their CD's release."

Pete DiStephano: "The compilation definitely helped us in getting signed to Alfa/Brunette."

Illegal Dealings
Mark Webber: "The remastering of our track is amazing. Thanks for all the hard work."

Steve Badessa: "The best thing I've ever been involved with. I've heard nothing but raves about the CD. Totally professional."

Shawnn Monteiro
"The CD is a big hit! Thank you for all your help."

Piltdown Man
Christian Blaney: "The best compilation I've ever heard."

Pondering Judd
Martin Englend: "The collection of bands is superior. How did you attract all that talent?"

Riverside Blues
Vinny Goulart: "The entire set is excellent. Amazing job."

Solar Temple
Brad Cooper: "Thanks to Big Noise, the CD got us into MTV's Burning Man Festival. Great job."

Sudden Arrival
Michael Morales: "If anybody can help anyone in this business, it's Big Noise."

Johnny Watson, Jr. and New Decade
"I owe Al Gomes, A. Michelle and Big Noise everything. I held the CD up at one of my gigs and before I was through my first song, 4 CDs were sold."

Wire and Wood
Jeff Olson: "Wow! One great song after another."

Young Bucks
Jack Picard: "Outstanding! We're very happy. Great mastering. I'm very proud. Way to go, Big Noise."

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