Young Neal and the Vipers
Young Neal and the Vipers
Young Neal and the Vipers
Young Neal and the Vipers
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Young Neal and the Vipers

Big Noise teamed up with Young Neal & the Vipers following their tenure with Atlantic Records to release two CDs, 'Hooloovoo' and 'I'm Finally Alone.'

The CDs went on to sell thousands of copies and win a multitude of awards. 'Hooloovoo' still remains one of the best-selling indie recordings ever in the New England area!

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Neal Vitullo's spirit of musicality arrives as blues-laced fire, forged through years of touring and sharpened through personal experience. One can sense faith in his music and his guitar playing.

He doesn't get hung up on the blues' intricacies as much as he bear-hugs them and charges forward with a sparkle in his eye and reckless determination to make a stamp, a hole in the ground, some scorched earth. Think there's nothing new in blues? Neal's classic CDs 'I'm Finally Alone' (Big Noise) and 'Hooloovoo' (Big Noise) beg to differ.

Within each disc, a balance of tales to relate with a sped-up grit that swings as he leans into it. Slower, crystalline heartbreak and Stratocaster redemption.

It twinkles and gusts, as Vitullo nudges the edge forward in modern electric blues in an oft-splashy manner that may ruffle the tailfeathers of grizzled traditionalists.

Taking their cues, he marks the detailings with brushes of varying sizes pinpointing nuance here, and sometimes using a paint roller to wipe out the pain quicker. It's his thing, what he does well (besides fishing), and once again he takes us down new avenues, with fresh spins and glorious tradition.

- The Boston Phoenix

Around New England, folks know that the place to find some hot, blues-drenched guitar is wherever Young Neal & the Vipers happen to be playing. And Neal Vitullo (it's the music that keeps him 'young') obliges with a grueling schedule that puts him in front of appreciative audiences, practically seven nights a week.

While there's no substitute for Neal's live shows, his CDs let you hear what the excitement is all about.

As Neal is quick to tell you, he lives to play the guitar. Check out the searing licks of 'Don't Come Too Close,' the buoyant swing of 'She Likes to Boogie Real Low,' or the sheer virtuosity of 'I Meant What I Said,' or any of the other tracks on his Big Noise releases.

A tasty mix of original tunes and some of Neal's favorite songs by the likes of Johnny Copeland, B.B. King, Arthur Alexander, and Bobby 'Blue' Bland, his Big Noise CDs are an apt showcase for Neal's formidable guitar talent.

There are nods to some of Neal's influences - Howlin' Wolf, Muddy, Roy Buchanan - but always with enough individual heart and soul that everything still comes out sounding like Neal.

- Andy Smith, The Providence Journal

Young Neal & the Vipers
Providence Phoenix
Best Music Poll Winners
Best Blues / R&B Act

Road Warriors

Young Neal Vitullo and the Vipers may be the hardest working men in show biz, and once again claim the title as best Blues/R&B Act. Singer/songwriter Vitullo has been dishing balls-out roadhouse rockabilly blues for more than two decades, particularly in a live setting, ripping it up more than 200 nights ayear for crowds that thrive on the trio's fervor.

Vitullo is a master of the'58 Stratocaster, nimbly saluting longtime idols such as Johnny Copeland, B.B.King, and Howlin' Wolf, and has shared the stage with plenty of legends, including six-string deity John Lee Hooker. We're pretty sure that the overwhelming response in our poll was from those affected by the infectious live gigs.

The proof further lies within solid recordings and a timeless back catalog, namely the appropriately titled 'Hooloovoo,' chock-full of meaty riffs and toe-tapping rhythms. The tracks display a feverish chug, with Vitullo's distinctive vocals exploding on the chorus. Still not a believer? Check out an upcoming live show.

Stop by Big Noise to hear Vitullo and his crew.

- Chris Conti

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