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Tom Wopat
Tom Wopat
Tom Wopat
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Tom Wopat
Tom Wopat
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Tom Wopat

Legendary actor, Tony Award nominee and singer Tom Wopat ('The Dukes of Hazzard,' 'Annie Get Your Gun') has enlisted Al Gomes
and A. Michelle of Big Noise in conjunction with Sheryl Feuerstein of EastWest Media's publicity efforts for his acclaimed eighth CD 'I've Got Your Number.'

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Tom Wopat - A Quadruple Threat!

The Multi-Talented Star of Stage, Screen, TV
and Music is making his mark

Film - The Academy Award-Winning 'Django Unchained'
Music/Recordings - 'I've Got Your Number'
Television - ABC Family's 'Lovestruck'
Broadway - 'A Trip to Bountiful'

This is really proving to be a banner year for Tom Wopat. From his role in Quentin Tarrantino's hit film, 'Django Unchained,' to the release of his newest recording 'I've Got Your Number,' (a jazzy big band swing album evoking the spirit of the 'Mad Men' era), to the April airing of the ABC Family musical movie 'Lovestruck' co-starring with Jane Seymour, and his role in 'A Trip To Bountiful' on Broadway joining an all-star cast featuring Cicely Tyson, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Vanessa Williams. All this in addition to his critically acclaimed concerts throughout the U.S.

Although one can't help but recall his starring role in the '80s iconic television hit series 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' which catapulted him to fame, it is the multi-faceted Tom Wopat, actor, jazz vocalist and Tony Award-winning star of Broadway that's been garnering high critical acclaim for the last two decades.

Here's what the media are saying about Tom:

'What he shares with Sinatra is an ability to live inside whatever he sings. His flexibility doesn't seem to matter of self-conscious role-playing but an expression of his far-reaching musical tastes and personal experience.' - Stephen Holden, The New York Times

'Meeting Across the River, Tom Wopat - it seems an unlikely pairing of artist and song, but the Broadway-cabaret performer delivers a felt, unsentimental reading of Springsteen's haunting gem.' - Elysa Gardner, USA Today Top 10 Playlist

'Tom Wopat transcends genre and puts the 'E' back in entertainer. A rich expressive baritone voice that demonstrates flexibility, great phrasing and wonderful timing. I've Got Your Number' is simply another notch in the great career of a classic entertainer. - Jazz Critic Brent Black

'Tom Wopat is an extremely gifted actor with a gorgeous, versatile singing voice.' - Susan Hasho, Times Square Chronicles

'Wopat exuded hipster-cool yet leading man charisma as he showcased his smooth-as-silk baritone voice in an appeaing program that included blues, jazz, Broadway, standards, pops and original tunes.' - Tom Alvarez, Examiner

About the CD

Tom Wopat's I've Got Your Number' swings into 'Mad Men' era with new recordings of the Great American Songbook classics and contemporary songs of Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor and more.

With 'I've Got Your Number,' Tom's musical expedition has traveled into even more colorful territory. Backed by a thirty-piece orchestra, he fulfills his desire to focus on what he describes as the 'orchestra-big band hybrid of the '60s and '70s. 'Like the Bobby Darin stuff,' he says. 'Frank Sinatra did big band then too, everybody did. And we really wanted to go for that - in the standards as well as the contemporary tunes. We've evoked the spirit of the New York supper club era and the cool vibe of the Mad Men days. The recording swings hard and there's a lot of really fine music.'

And, a lot of really fine singing, too! Listen to the way he romps through the different rhythms of 'I've Got Your Numbe' and 'The Good Life' - typical of his easygoing interaction with the grooves of his orchestra/big band backing. And, listen as well to the way Tom transforms the singer-songwriter tunes like James Taylor's 'The Secret O' Life,' Paul Simon's 'The Afterlife,' Judy Collins' 'Since You Asked,' and Bruce Springsteen's 'Meeting Across the River' into jazz-tinged renditions. And, to the sense of jazz authenticity that informs both Tom's singing and his interaction with the lush big band arrangements.

There's a large handful of uniquely appealing qualities all over the fourteen utterly captivating tracks. Tom applies his far-ranging interpretive skills and warm engaging baritone to discovering new, intriguing musical twists in such Great American Songbook classics as 'The Folks Who Live On The Hill,' 'Call Me,' 'Born To Be Blue,' 'I Won't Dance' and, of course the title track. At first glance, that could be viewed as a surprisingly diverse program of material. But his versatility has been there throughout his career and on full display in a career reaching from his television work of the '70s and '80s to high visibility Broadway roles in 1999's 'Annie Get Your Gun' and 2008's 'Catered Affair' (he received Tony Award nominations for both) and more, plus his previous musical releases, spanning standards ('In the Still of the Nigh't and 'Dissertation on the State of Bliss') into the jazz-oriented sounds and rhythms that had always fascinated him ('Consider it Swung').

With the release of 'I've Got Your Number,' Tom truly feels he has found his stride. 'Performing these songs the way we do on this recording is the most creative thing I do,' Tom concludes. 'It's extremely satisfying and fulfilling. And as long as it feels that way, I'm going to keep right on doing it.'

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