Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon
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Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon

'A chance to hear the band in their element, tearing through classics such as 'Streets,' 'Whatayawant' and 'No More AOR' in vintage form.' - Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal

'A kinetic 26-minute lightning ride.'
- Chris Conti, The Providence Phoenix

'This disc is an unearthed treasure. The CD sounds blistering. The fact that it is for a good cause makes it a must-own.'
- Marc Clarkin, Motif Magazine

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Al Gomes and A. Michelle of Big Noise are proud to announce the release of 'Neutral Nation Live At Bandwagon,' the seminal punk band's performance at the legendary charity concert that raised thousands of dollars for agencies that aid the hungry and homeless and elevated awareness of the plight of the poor in America.

'Neutral Nation Live At Bandwagon' was recorded at The Living Room in Providence, RI, and features 13 tracks of a rollicking and sonically thunderous set that includes all the band's hits including 'Apathy,' 'Streets,' 'Whatayawant' and 'No More AOR.'

The live CD's debut coincides with the release of the film documentary of Neutral Nation's history and triumphs, 'It's A Bash.'

All of the proceeds from the sale of the 'Neutral Nation Live at Bandwagon' CD will be donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

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Contact: Al Gomes
Big Noise

11 South Angell Street, Suite 336
Providence, RI 02906 USA
Phone: 401-274-4770
E-mail: al@bignoisenow.com

Bandwagon and Big Noise founder Al Gomes talks about Neutral Nationís performance:

'Once we had completed Bandwagon's charity recording, 'Three Sides of Hunger,' we began planning the record release concert, and Living Room manager Bob Giusti, who had been a tremendous help to me, along with everyone else at the club, suggested that Neutral Nation should play the concert.'

'Well,...Neutral Nation stole the show. They came with the right spirit, and really got what we were trying to do. They walked into the concert venue, saw all the TV cameras and lights, and...they just went for it.'

'They set the bar for everyone who came after them that day. Every other artist who performed rose to the occasion and put in an amazing set. It would have been a different show if Neutral Nation hadnít been on the bill. The set list was impeccable. The energy was phenomenal. They just got it.'

'Cox Cable recorded the entire concert and played the entire 8-hour show every day for over a month, and every few days, I'd get a phone call or someone would stop me on the street and say, 'Who are these guys?' Neutral Nation came through the TV screen in a big way - leaping into people's living rooms with that boundless energy.'

CD Credits:

Produced by Paul Martin and Al Gomes
CD Release Co-Producer: A. Michelle
Engineered by Paul Martin
Additional Live Engineers:
Mary Lou Palumbo and Mary Rivera
Stage Manager: Brendan Keefe

Recorded live at The Living Room, Providence, RI
Remastered by Tony Ricci and Al Gomes
at TRIAD Recording Complex, Pawtucket, RI
Digital transfer by Harry Cawthorn

Art Direction and Design by
A. Michelle and Al Gomes for Big Noise
Cover Photography by Carl DellaGrotta

Special Thanks to Tom Buckland, Neutral Nation, Cynthia Roberge, Jamie Kurtis, Randy and Brian Hien, and Bob Giusti

Bandwagon History:

Inspired by Bob Geldof's Band Aid recording and Live Aid concert, producer and songwriter Al Gomes and publicist Jamie Kurtis wanted to put together a similar effort to aid those less fortunate in America. They founded Bandwagon in 1986, and produced the benefit recording 'Three Sides of Hunger,' and two sold-out televised concerts. Many, many members of the Southern New England music community participated in the great success of the project.

Bandwagon's goal was to elevate awareness of the plight of the poor in America and raise monies for those American agencies that aid the hungry and homeless.

Bandwagon went on to win the coveted Jefferson Award from The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Foundation for Recognition of Outstanding Public Service. View YouTube clip

Hunger and homelessness continues to affect increasing numbers of people everyday. Agencies like the Rhode Island Community Food Bank rely on donations to keep the programs running. You can also help by volunteering at one of the many agencies that provide food and shelter for the hungry and homeless in your area.

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