Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
Megan Nicole
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Megan Nicole

Big Noise's Al Gomes was hired by
Megan Nicole's family and representatives to strengthen her artistic and business strategy before pursuing an entertainment attorney that led to Megan being signed to Interscope Records.

Al provided hands-on career direction, managed the entire project of her debut single 'B-e-a-utiful' including advising on the single's mix, art direction of the recording package, and the publicity and marketing of the single, in addition to the relaunch of her official website.

'B-e-a-utiful' experienced worldwide success and was recognized by The Recording Academy who placed the single on its Official Ballot for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.


After over 80 million views on YouTube with
cover songs, Megan Nicole finally released her
first original song
. The single was called
and was co-written by Megan herself. Megan: 'The song is for every person who feels like love has a way of finding everyone but them, for every girl who refuses to settle for a guy who calls her hot instead of beautiful, and for every guy who's been cheated or broken and feels like true love doesn't exist. It's a hopeful song with a good message!'

In today's world of music, there are so many talented singers, so many beautiful artists, and so many personalities that tend to effortlessly grab your attention. Yet rarely do you find all three attributes in one place.

Megan, a talented singer-songwriter, has shown us that she's all these things through her YouTube videos. She's been stealing hearts with her beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes. Her unique vocals bring a freshness to today's pop music that has been long-awaited.

Starting with 5,000 views on YouTube, she is now at over 450 million views. From her live shows to her TV appearances, Megan has created a fan base that spreads worldwide to all ages, giving her Facebook fan page over 350,000 likes. 'B-e-a-utiful' was produced in Los Angeles, CA with legendary producers Tom Mgrdichian and Chris Cox. The music video for the song was shot under the direction of YouTube phenomenon, Kurt Schneider.

It all began for Megan in the fourth grade when she sang 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for a talent show. This sparked the love of music in Megan that has led her to where she is today. Not only can she win you over with her warm vocals, but she is also a very gifted guitarist and piano player. In the end, the most impressive thing about Megan isn't just her musical talents, but her winning personality. You would never expect someone so talented and beautiful to be so humble and sweet. While others may boast on their achievements, Megan spends her free time volunteering for youth groups, working for charities, and replying to her fan mail thanking fans for their support.

It's been so exciting watching her grow, but it's easy to see that the best is yet to come for this pop superstar.

An Interview with Big Noise's
Al Gomes

Give us an accurate one-sentence description of your music: 'Positive, unique, and a lyrical glimpse of my life to help support others going through the same or similar situations.'

Finish this sentence - someone will like your music if they like... 'listening to music, eating cereal without milk, dancing in the shower - not just singing, and have a love for creative and lyrical music. My desire is to have every song mean something to someone in a positive way, not only just make music that people enjoy listening to, but that people can relate to.'

Your key career highlight: 'Hitting over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and being on the front page of YouTube is definitely something I never really thought would happen. Also, singing in a studio and meeting all these people from different labels that are behind all of my favorite artists has been an amazing experience as well.'

Tell us how and when you started making music: 'I first discovered my love for singing when I was in the fourth grade and my dad got us a karaoke machine. I started messing around on it and realized, 'Hey, I really like singing.' Earlier that year, I had started piano lessons, so music was already a part of my life. The more and more I practiced my singing and piano, the more I fell in love with music. Later on, I picked up the guitar and just continue to work on getting better. As far as YouTube goes, I just decided to put a video up for fun one day and would just kind of randomly post videos here and there. A little after my manager found me, I was asked to do a video with Tyler Ward that ended up going viral and really helped 'put me on the map,' I guess you'd say. Then from there, we started getting more professional with my videos and posting them weekly and music became my career.'

What makes your music different? 'With each song I write, I desire to show that creativity is positive and original. I feel like today it's easy to get lost in doing a song that's going to make you money or not doing a song because it doesn't quite fit your genre as apposed to just doing the best songs and the ones that you love. Even though up till now I've only done covers, the original has words that I'd rather not use in them. Instead of just replacing them or editing them out I prefer to write a new line or new word that is deep, powerful and or funny, but also clean.'

Convince us to see your next show: 'When I'm on stage, I come alive. Believe it or not, I am much more comfortable on stage than in a recording booth. Something about all the people and the energy, I just get into this zone and sing. Coming to a show gives the fans a chance to see me in a different environment as opposed to just on the computer. And, I always will stay after my shows to meet my fans. I figure if they're going to pay and wait and drive to see me then the least I can do is hang out and spend time with them. It's so cool to hear their stories and take pictures with them.'

Why is it important for you to connect with music fans and what do you have to offer them as an artist? 'It's important for me to connect with the fans because they are the ones that got me where I am today. All of their support for me, my music, and what I want to do means the world to me. I offer them a place where they, as the fan, will always be valued and loved more than any money, fame, or anthing else that tends to get in the way of today's musicians. I make sure to put grounded people around me so that I'll always stay that way. I believe that the minute you start making music for money, it becomes a job, and I got into music because of the opportunity to make others feel good through the power of a melody and comfort them through my lyrics. If all else fails, I hope to just make them smile - that's an accomplishment for me too.'


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