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Lori McKenna

Al Gomes of Big Noise produced the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD for Tiffani Thiessen's directorial film debut 'Just Pray,' which features Warner Brothers recording artist and Grammy Award Winner Lori McKenna and Matchbox Twenty's Paul Doucette.

The film won Best Score at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, an Academy Award-qualifying festival.

Tiffani's Director Statement:
'Just Pray' is a coming of age story involving a young Southern boy who is searching for resolution within his life. The film shares a beautiful and universal message about hope, redemption and salvation - things that I feel we can all relate to. Sometimes you find these qualities in the most unexpected people and in the most unexpected places. Directing this film was a gift and provided me the unforgettable opportunity to participate in the magic of storytelling. It is an experience I will treasure for a lifetime.

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