Evan Frankfort Music Catalog
Evan Frankfort Music Catalog
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Evan Frankfort

Big Noise is representing Evan Frankfort's work as a producer and engineer. Record labels and artists can contact Big Noise about Evan at 401-274-4770 (USA) or by emailing al@bignoisenow.com.

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Having contributed to over 100 records and written for TV (1996 Daytime Emmy Winner) and Film, Evan Frankfort draws on a vast sense of palette and texture. This coupled with his 'raised on L.A. radio' pop sensibility makes for a characteristic blend of artistic and commercially viable music that immediately connects with listeners but also keeps them coming back for the finer details.

Evan's talents have been called upon by bands including the Wallflowers, the Jayhawks, Rancid, MXPX, the Bangles, Pete Yorn, Turbonegro, Jordan Zevon and many others. Says Frankfort, "I just love making records. from finding that perfect relationship between a lyric and melody, to choosing mics, to the artwork - it's all equally exciting and important."

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