DUI and Imperials
DUI and Imperials
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DUI and Little Anthony and The Imperials

Big Noise's Al Gomes and A. Michelle conceived and executive produced BMG techno artist D.U.I.'s remixes of Little Anthony and The Imperials' classic 'Shimmy-Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop.'

Record labels and music supervisors can contact Big Noise at 401-274-4770 (USA) about licensing the recordings for release or for placement in film, TV, and advertising. You can also email al@bignoisenow.com.

Big Noise serves as Directors of Projects and Special Events for the legendary 40 million-selling vocal group, Little Anthony and The Imperials. Big Noise designed and oversees the group's popular Official Website.

Big Noise first connected with D.U.I. when the techno duo from Chicago played a Big Noise showcase. They impressed Big Noise's Al Gomes, who called them, 'One of the most talented acts to ever appear at the one of our shows.'

When D.U.I. achieved chart success in Europe by appearing on several BMG techno compilations, Gomes then suggested to the group that they try their hand at remixing Christina Aguilera's 'What A Girl Wants' for RCA/BMG Records (Gomes was an executive at Aguilera's company). It proved to be a suggestion that changed D.U.I.'s lives. Their remix became a #1 record on Radio 4U's 'Top 30 Dance Chart,' one of Europe's most important and influential charts. D.U.I.'s version proved so popular that RCA Records added the D.U.I. version of 'What A Girl Wants' to future pressings of Christina's debut CD in Europe.

With the success of 'What A Girl Wants', Gomes once again suggested the duo return to the studio and remix Christina's next single 'I Turn to You.' Lightning struck again and D.U.I. found themselves with another single on Radio 4U's 'Top 30 Dance Chart.'

With D.U.I.'s amazing chart success from the BMG compilations and the Christina Aguilera remixes, BMG signed D.U.I. to a deal and their first full-length BMG CD, 'Freeway,' was released to unanimous critical acclaim and expanded their already-rabid fan base.

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