UpperClass LumberJacks
UpperClass LumberJacks
UpperClass LumberJacks
UpperClass LumberJacks
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UpperClass LumberJacks

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UpperClass LumberJacks is a unique instrumental project, utilizing a diverse mix of both acoustic and electric instruments, while also incorporating a vast array of different sounds and styles of music including rock, electronic, folk, punk, funk, hip hop, and easy listening elevator music.

Formed in 2007 through mutual friends, Jeremy Burnett and John Barthelme harness their specific talents to create a sound that has the ability to connect with many demographics.

While John's weapon of choice is the guitar, and Jeremy's specialty is hitting things with sticks, both members are also well versed in a multitude of auxiliary instruments, making the writing and recording process a truly entertaining and rewarding experience. There are no rules, no limits, no genre confinements, no right or wrong answers - just music. Read more...

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