Tony Chase
Tony Chase
Tony Chase
Tony Chase
Tony Chase
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Tony Chase

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Tony Chase, Texas native, began his vocal training singing Whitney Houston songs with his grandma. He moved to Suisun, California in the fall of '96 and began freestyling rap lyrics in the 6th grade with his childhood friends Kay Jewelz and Neph the Pharaoh. At that time, he didn't know he would be pursing a musical carreer when you grew up. The good feelings of the sounds in music influenced him greatly, and the lyrics carried his freespirit.

Tony has been recording for ten years and has the passion to move mountains. His first studio recording was in Sacramento, California. He moved back to Tyler, Texas in 2014 and began a transformation into the man he would become. His music shaped the artist, who changed yet again into Carmen Fugent (which stands for Tony Chase in Latin). His songs began to be built around the motivations of good and bad through his life, reflecting the music of a man on a journey to better days, with inspirations from the people he was meeting in daily life, creating a blend of singing, hip hop, with a touch of rock.

Tony's influences include Tupac Shuckar, T.I., Wiz Khalifia, Kayne West, Akon, Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Phil Collins, and Geopele. In the past two years, Carmen Fugent has been traveling and performing in Colorado, LA, Atlanta and Texas, building the hunger which lies inside.

In 2015, he released a project titled 'Diary of a Man' with songs entitled 'Look At Me Now,' 'Letter to My Father,' and 'Booty Pop.' He is ready to expand his musical vision yet again on singles such as 'W.O.R.T.H.' and 'Tell Me I Can Get It Above It' with a sound different and unique. With country in his blood and city in his swag, he comes from two worlds and brings his story to you with an appreciation for his upbringing and scenery. With a brand ORCA, he hopes to connect with what the unviverse has to offer. He is more then a rapper - he's a man on a Journey.

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