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L.S.C. was founded in 2010 by Michael Ajudua. Working as a film scorer trained in classical music since early childhood, Michael has prided himself for his ability to connect with his audience on a complex emotion level.

While frequently writing music to the extremes of said emotions, much of L.S.C's music is regarded as having an "earth-shattering" and "grandiose" quality perfect for cinema. Due to his fusion of string/piano orchestration with electronic and rock, the band has held incredibly high appeal to listeners that appreciate these genres. Though they have secured a loyal fan-base for this particular type of music, the overall sound of L.S.C has evolved throughout the years.

Since the addition of Summer of Aden's Daniel Aronov, L.S.C has broadened their horizons to become more accessible to the pop-loving mainstream media while still keeping their alternative roots intact.

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