Kyanite Captains
Kyanite Captains
Kyanite Captains
Kyanite Captains
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Kyanite Captains

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Rick Hock, founder and guitarist of Kyanite Captains, started classical guitar lessons at age 9. Heading into his teenage years, he found a passion for mainstream hard rock bands as well as the heavy metal bands that thrived on through the '80s. He jammed with like-minded musicians through his teenage years and beyond. He and some musician friends formed the band Koven and played in various clubs throughout Connecticut and the heyday of the mid-to-late '80s. Enter the '90s - the live band club scene faded dramatically, and soon thereafter, the members of Koven went their separate ways.

It was many years later when Rick was contacted by his old friend and bandmate from Koven, which rekindled his spirit to write and play again. They talked about recording a few songs Rick had written from the Koven days along with new songs Rick had been working. So began the planning for a new CD project. Rick recruited Scott Waters, a vocalist from the band Pirates for Peace. The songs were arranged, rehearsed and studio time was booked. Unfortunately, Rick's old bandmate had to drop out. Luckily, the co-owner of the studio Matt Glasser, was available to play the drum tracks. Rick remembered Matt from his days in the band Grey Cell Green and was more than happy to welcome him into the project.

Kyanite Captains' debut album 'Wake Up Call' was recorded at Silk City Music Factory in Manchester, CT under producer and co-owner Phil Mann. Phil has an impressive background including working with film score composer Angelo Badalamenti. The sound of the CD is heavily influenced by Rick's enduring passion for old-school Metal, although there is also an eclectic mix of other styles creating a wide palette of musical offerings. Rick and Scott are already working on new material for a follow up CD to 'Wake Up Call,' and plan to go back to the studio in the coming months.

Although Kyanite Captains was originated as a CD project, they do not rule out the possibility of a full line-up doing live performances. Although these veteran musicians have some years behind them, their passion for performing is still front and center. Read more...

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