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Effe Qyd
Effe Qyd
Effe Qyd
Effe Qyd
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Effe Qyd

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Born in April 1988, Effe Qyd, with the given name of Francelin Rock, rushed out early to this world not giving his mother time to get to the hospital. Such a spirit may have known he was made for greatness. Life wanted to make sure such a spirit was to be made strong. He battled for his life as soon as he was given it. With problems to his stomach, Francelin fought for every last breath to stay on earth, for he may or may not seen the vision of his life. What do you know - the brave kid made it and was released out the hospital after almost four months of intensive care.

Life wanted to mold him into a warrior, so he had more hardship to face. At the age of 3, he had to watch his mother fall so ill, she went into a coma for years. With these sudden events, Francelin was flown to live with his grandmother in the tropical islands. This is where Francelin fell in love with music. One day while attending a carnival, Francelin got an overwhelming feeling that his life was destined for greatness in the music industry. He vowed that one day no one would be able to stop him on his path to greatness. So he dove into his many array of talents/skills while growing up, seeing if life would deter his path from being a musician.

Even though he had a lot of adventures in the islands, Francelin made his way back to the states where he was introduced to hiphop/R&B - talk about 'love at first sound'. Francelin started writing down lyrics from famous artists so he could learn structure and to spit lyrics to girls to impress them. Later on, life would teach him that he had a great gift - in the 6th grade, Francelin would learn he could freestyle hip hop like the best of them. So he continued to hone his skills wherever life took him. Read more...

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