D. Marvalouz
D. Marvalouz
D. Marvalouz
D. Marvalouz
D. Marvalouz
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D. Marvalouz

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Born Darrell Wescott, in Center City, Philadelphia in February 1986, D.Marvalouz, or DMarv as most know him, competed in his school's talent show that would forever change his life. Darrell was only in the 5th grade. Prior to that he also played the percussion in the 4th grade and then the saxophone the following semester. He attended school in Camden, New Jersey from ages 9 thru 14. Eventually he would graduate from Delsea Regional High School in 2004.

Before rockin' the mic, he was also quite the crowd pleaser competing in several high school talent shows and lip syncs as both a harmonizer and regular dance act. D.Marvalouz's major music influences come from the New Jack Era of Hip-Hop as well as Soul Music.

"Being the oldest of 4 really forced me to shape up quick! I spent a lotta time in the streets, watching people and learning the basis of living outside of what television or my mother exposed me to." DMarv is a firm believer in the Zodiac and could go on for hours about his views on balance in the world.

"See, everybody has an opinion, and my music is my opinion. Overall I'm just like the next man, tryin' to make it. I'm not perfect, but all I can do is be my best, and that's MY message I put in song. I already did or been through half the things my listeners go through, so I'm like why not listen to me and take my word for it? At least I'm guiding you in the right direction."

D.Marvalouz has a tremendous amount of respect for legends of all genres and through his brand of music plans to give back what music has given him throughout life - A voice, opportunity, and entertainment.

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