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In Darnaa's words: Life is a journey. In your journey, you go through tough times and situations that can change you forever. Whether it be good or bad.

In the worst times, we can feel like we're the only ones experiencing this, The only ones suffering. I know my pain I have experienced in life. I am not the only one.

Writing what I couldn't talk about, and then singing about it, exposes topics a lot of musicians don't really like to talk about today, and want to keep private. My music is an autobiography and very therapeutic and that makes me more relatable to the world, because in my journey I have a story for everyone.

Not just about pain and sadness - 'what everyone knows darnaa as' - the song 'Run Away', coming from an abusive family. The song 'Already Loving You' when I was forced to marry, and dreaming about a man I didn't know but loved. The song 'Survive' when I survived medical hardships, etc.

A lot of artists typically sing about pain, or how rich they are, but they don't talk about the steps to take, or how to overcome situations and truly be happy. There's more to life than just just pain and sadness. But overcoming the darkest days, learning who I am, and being myself - forgiving, letting go, loving life again - celebrating... Read more...

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