Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
Christopher Cash
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Christopher Cash

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We are an original band from Fallbrook, California who have come together to exercise our creative muscles, have fun, and make some great music together.

Our influences include The Beatles, Tom Petty, Guess Who, Jellyfish, Eric Clapton, Oasis, and much more. If it sparkles, jangles, has a tight arrangement, clever lyrics, good singing, and strong hook, we like it. If it has at least one guy in it with an English accent...even better!

Christopher Cash has been performing in bands since childhood, as have all of his bandmates. Since moving to the San Diego area in late Nineties, he has released two albums: Hollywood Mirage in 2005, and Invisible in 2008. Cash moved to Fallbrook in 2013 and took a brief hiatus from music to build himself a recording studio called Sonic-Rocket. In 2017, he put the finishing touches on the studio and dove head first back into the music scene.

In Fall 2017 Cash recruited some of the San Diego area's top musicians to play in his new band The Brilliant Deductions. First to become a member was Shea Thompson. Shea is primarily a guitarist and singer/songwriter but agreed to take on Keyboards for the band. He is also our principal recording engineer having honed those skills at Sonic-Rocket. Next to join the band was long time pal John Saccoman. John is a fantastic bassist, and really fun and funny guy. By day he fixes complex medical equipment and by night enjoys wine, and song. He has an impressive collection of bass guitars and knows how to use them. Next to become a member was lead guitarist Jan Bugaiski. Jan is also a fine songwriter who has been up for Grammy consideration. He is an extremely talented and versatile guitarist. Cash jumped on the opportunity to have him in the band. On the first night with the group, Jan laid down the lead guitar parts for 'One Way Ride' which would turn out to be the group's first Single. Last to join the party was drummer Dick Winter. Dick is the perfect time keeper for the group. He has all the style and simplicity of Ringo Starr, and is more than capable of stretching out into more complex rhythms. Dick can stick to a click-track like glue and always plays exactly what the song needs.

Cash brings rough material to the group for their approval. Songs that get the thumbs down never see the light of day, those that get the thumbs up get the full attention of the entire group. Everyone in the band contributes to the arrangements, and together, we tweak, twist and tinker with the material until it meets our collective approval. The guys are brilliant in every way! They are able to quickly deduce what the song needs to take it to the next level, thus the name: Brilliant Deductions.

Christopher Cash
Born in Pasadena, California in the late fifties, Cash grew up along side rock music. As a boy, he watched The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan and joined the ranks of their countless fans throughout the turbulent Sixties. Inspired by artists like David Bowie, Neal Young, and Lou Reed, he began playing guitar and writing songs in the early Seventies.

After a string of copy bands to develop his performance skills, Cash joined forces with singer/songwriter William Loveless to form an acoustic duo called Akimbo. Freshly out of high school, Akimbo grew amplifiers, added drums and ultimately evolved into The Privates.

The Privates enjoyed considerable success during the Eighties playing along side bands such as The Motels, The Plugz, and The Suburban Lawns at many of the popular Los Angeles venues of the day. The Privates signed a deal with a well known production company but fame and fortune never materialized. Buckling under the strain, The Privates broke up as their demo tape was being shopped and before the promise of a European tour could be fulfilled. As it turns out, this too was serendipitous. Dreams of rock stardom were replaced by more profitable endeavors ultimately providing Cash the resources to pursue his art on his own terms.

During the Nineties, Cash played in various original groups including The Intelligence, Gadflies, and Wobblewire but career and family were his central focus. In 2004, Cash met producer Joe Ongie and asked him to work with him on his debut album titled Hollywood Mirage.

In 2008 Cash released his second album Invisible with the band he had been playing since late in 2006. San Diego producer Jeff Berkley did a nice job helping him make an album he is very proud of.

Since 2014, Cash has devoted a good deal of his time to his professional recording studio Sonic-Rocket.com

In 2017 Cash formed The Brilliant Deductions, this time with long time pal John Saccoman on bass and backing vocals, friend and Chief Engineer at the Rocket Shea Thompson on keyboards and backing vocals. The incredible Jan Bugaiski plays lead guitar and the amazing Dick Winter is on drums.

In addition to music, Cash is an accomplished woodworker, artist and holds down a full time job working for a reputable high tech company as a technical support manager.

Shea Thompson
Shea started working on music when he was about 10 years old, jumping into his first Digital Audio Workstation, Fruity Loops (before the cereal brand sued the company over the trademark and they officially renamed themselves FL Studio). Officially, his father assisted him in recording his first album when he was 9 (it was an hour-long relaxation tape). Ever since then, he has had a rather serious addiction to recording audio, mixing audio, and producing music for artists as well as himself. He has worked closely with his father, Dr Jeffrey Thompson, who is a successful musician himself; having produced over 100 albums for relaxation and musical therapy. He runs his own sound therapy clinic in Carlsbad, CA seeing patients who travel all over the world for his state-of-the-art methods he has pioneered.

Shea actually began on the piano when he was 8 years old, and trained classically until the age of 16 where he finally stepped away from his lessons and picked up a guitar. Things changed for him after that... He received his first microphone and recording interface when he was 13 and began to record his own songs (rather than crafting them purely with midi and samples in FL Studio), and started diving into the world of microphones.

Over the next decade he would spend an unhealthy amount of time each day writing music, recording music, and producing music to earn his mastery over its ways... all the while honing his skills on his newly found instrument; the guitar. It's only been a recent resurgence of inspiration that he has reconnected with his roots in piano, and boy has he dove right back into it.

Shea has worked at a number of recording studios including Spooky Cat, Pinstripe Studios, CNR, and Soapbox Multimedia. He is the recording engineer for the Brilliant Deductions and is responsible in no small part for the fine quality of our recordings. He's held positions such as Assistant Engineer, Director of Sound, and Chief Engineer at more than one studio. You'll be hard pressed to find another engineer who cares more about your music and how to make it sound the best it can be.

When not in the studio, Shea enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, photography, writing music, and studying his craft.

John Saccoman
John first appeared in Cash's world when he needed a bowling partner. He embraced the 'don't really need to bowl well' ethics of our team. John is a very fun and funny guy. He has a long background in music, performing with countless artists in LA and Phoenix.

John has a vast collection of bass guitars and knows how to play them all extremely well. He has a 'stop 'em in their tracks' vocal style and is very helpful in the studio with his arrangement advice.

About five minutes into your first encounter with John, it will come as no surprise that he used to be a stand up comedian. Don't let his goofy, fun loving demeanor fool you. John is smart as a whip and extremely creative. John also enjoys electronics, graphic novels, wine and song.

Jan Bugaiski
Born Jan Bugaiski (pronounced 'Yan') in Manchester, England from Polish-Italian parents, he picked up a guitar at age 5 and by age 8 was considered a child prodigy. Classically trained, Jan played lead guitar in bands from age 14 up. He joined the heavy rock band Osmium in Manchester and wrote over 20 songs and recorded 4 of them by age 16 with this band. They played a number of gigs in England. Jan studied music at university and became a music in education and guitar teacher. He continued to play in musicals and local bars with a violinist, and played in 101 Guitars composition by Rhys Chtham in London.

He continued to play, write and record in a number of of original and cover including The Grease Boys, The New Majoobas and Fuel on the Fire. Jan is currently playing lead guitar in Christopher Cash and the Brilliant Deductions, The Martincoughlin Band and in an acoustic duet with 'The Voice' artist Jackie Foster.

Dick Winter
We first encountered Mr. Winter when we placed an ad in Craigslist looking for a drummer with British Invasion influences. Among many other projects, Dick plays in an excellent recording project of that style called Orbis Max.

Dick really floored us at his first audition. He is the perfect combination of simplicity and flare. Somehow he knows exactly what a song needs and plays accordingly. It is nearly impossible to believe that not so long ago, he had his shoulder replaced. Drumming served as both mental stimulation and physical therapy.

For recording, Dick always nails it. He can play to a click track extremely well and has such an easy going, 'let's do our best' outlook that it makes things feel fun and easy. Dick plays at his local church and often volunteers for charity events.

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