A Nu King
A Nu King
A Nu King
A Nu King
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A Nu King

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Born & raised in Southern California, A Nu King (real name Alphonso Nunez), grew up in the '90s, when rap music was really taking off. His parents were lovers of all genres of music and that passion was passed on to A Nu King at a young age. He would soon become a fan of classic rock legends and R&B crooners, as well as the pioneers of the emerging rap genre. Throughout his middle school years, he dabbled in poetry writing and was also intrigued with creating literary works that spoke to the essence of a person.

At age 14, A Nu King began hanging out with a group of people who were rap fans and who practiced the art themselves. They wrote lyrics and held freestyle cyphers at school which inspired A Nu King to put his own story into words. Always influenced by his favorite rap artist, Eminem, Panacea began to write songs about his experiences and opinions. He soon found that he had a knack for not only crafting stories that many people were able to relate to and that really resonated with listeners, but for penning lyrics that were both witty and engaging.

In a little more than the decade that has passed since A Nu King first put pen to paper on his first song, a lot has changed. He has written and recorded dozens of songs, all the while working diligently to become the best in his field. A Nu King is now a resident of Portland, OR and is married to his high school sweetheart with whom he has a 2-year old son. A college graduate with a B.S. in Psychology, A Nu King has attained a level of mastery over the craft of lyric writing and constructing contagious songs that listeners and fans keep coming back for more of. Panacea offers a unique perspective through his music that is intriguing and relatable, yet is delivered, though, outside the box and thought-provoking lyrics written to inject a fresh and much needed element that is not often found in Hip Hop, or any other genre for that matter.

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